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Date of latest changes: 13.06.2022

These terms and conditions and the documents referred to below (the "Agreement") apply to the use of the website under the URL and it’s mirror URLs (the "Website") and its related or connected services (collectively, the "Service").

The Service is owned and managed by POSITIVE GAMING B.V. company incorporated under the laws of Curaçao and having its registered office at Heelsumstraat 51, E-Commerce Park, Curaçao (the "Company") on the one hand, and the person accepting the offer, posted on the Internet at the permanent address, on the other hand, the present User Agreement (Terms of use) concluded as follows.

1. Definitions

In this User Agreement, unless the text directly expresses otherwise, the following terms will have the following meanings:

«Website» - A set of information, texts, graphic elements, design, images, photos and video materials, computer programs, other results of intellectual activity available on the Internet at the domain address

«Administration» - the creators or managers of the Service.

«User» - an effective natural person who has entered into the Agreement.

«Coins» - Virtual currency used along the Service and having rate that equals to the russian ruble.

«Market» - Service used for converting Coins into virtual items or money and back, located on the Internet at the permanent address

«Agreement» - This user agreement.

2. General conditions

By registering on the you accept all terms of the this Agreement and confirm that you are at legal age:

2.1. The Administration has the right to change the Agreement for various reasons, including commercial or technical, informing the User about all changes and additions. The user is responsible for acquaintance with the terms of use of the web site. Administration can change the conditions at any time without prior notification of the User.

2.2. Any fraudulent actions, abuse of the Web-Site's capabilities, attempts to deceive the Administration are prohibited. In case of detection of such, the Web-Site Administration has the right to temporarily freeze the account of the User. Administration reserves the right to adjust amount of limits individually (per User) for any of future bets and withdrawals, and apply fees to withdrawals up to 10% without prior notice.

2.3. Any questions about the Web-site the User can be answered in the technical support section.

2.4. The Administration of the Web-site explicitly prohibits the creation of multiple accounts (multi-accounts) and in case of detection of creation by the User of multi-accounts for the purpose of abuse of the bonus system and other functions, the Administration has the right to block all accounts of the User. Accounts that use same Steam-profile, device, IP-addresses and/or payment details will be considered as one person.

2.5. does not want to provide users with services that violate the laws of any state. By registering on the Web-site, the User confirms that usage of the web-site complies with legislation of the region the User resides in.

2.6. In some exceptional cases, the Administration has the right to block the User's account in connection with the requirement of burglary or fraud, in which case the User must apply for technical support.

2.7. We cannot guarantee that the User will withdraw the same items that he's deposited. Thus, stickers or renames (name tags) can be lost.

2.8. In the case of the deposit of items (skins) at a price different from the real one, the Administration has the right to freeze the User's account and make a decision on writing off the incorrectly credited funds.

2.9. The User makes bets at his own risk. Administration of the Web-site is not responsible for any loss.

2.10. The final decision of disputable situations is always at the discretion of the Administration.

2.11. The User is obliged to check the information regarding the format of the match, the name of the tournament and the time of its holding, the information on the Web-site is not always accurate.

2.12. In case of cancellation of a match or premature termination of a match due to any reasons, all bets are returned to the Users in full. Also, the Administration reserves the right in some exceptional cases to cancel matches with the refund of all bets placed.

2.13. In case of violation of conditions for the use of the Web-site or numerous violations of the chat rules, the Administration reserves the right to permanently block the User's profile, including freezing the balance and suspending the withdraw function.

2.14. To withdraw using the Market - 60% of EACH deposit MUST be used for bets at least once, only bets with odds higher than 1.15 is being counted. Attempts to use the Market solely for the purposes of Trading, money laundering or to take advantage of price differences between trading platforms can result in an immediate and potentially permanent ban of the User from the web-site and the freezing of the User's account balance and the suspension of the withdraw function.

2.15. Registering and using our Service within China, Hong Kong, USA, France, Netherlands and the Dutch caribbean island (Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire, st.Martin, st.Eustatius, Saba) is strictly forbidden by the laws.

2.16. User is obligated to keep their email and password private. Only User is responsible in case of any actions and loss caused by third-party persons that gained access to the Account. We are preventing "brute-force"/"cookie stealing" attacks and not storing any passwords (only hashes).

2.17. In case of Match result cancellation/annulation by organisators not later than 2 hours since finish - bets cancellation at the discretion of the Administration. Otherwise bets are non-cancellabe.

2.18. In case of Team/Player disqualification results of the finished matches will not be changed.

2.19. Giveaway prizes and schedule are regulated by the Administration. Winner of Giveaway is determined using random generator. Sending of the prize will be perfomed only to the Account that was used to participate in current Giveaway. Winner have 48 hours after finish of the Giveaway to take his prize, after that prize will be revoken.

2.20. In the event of there being a discrepancy between the English language version of these rules and any other language version, the English language version will be deemed to be correct.

2.21. Administration is in right to terminate this Agreement and cancelling all of bets made in case of violation of any paragraphs of this Agreement or failed/denied by User AML/KYC procedure (6. AML/KYC)

2.22. These Terms are governed by the law in force in Curaçao.

3. Deposit of Funds

3.1. When placing bets you may lose some or all of your money deposited to the Service in accordance with these Terms and you will be fully responsible for that loss.

3.2. All deposits should be made from an account or payment system or credit card that is registered in your own name, and any deposits made in any other currency than russian ruble will be converted using the daily exchange rate obtained from payment system. Note that some payment systems may apply additional currency exchange fees which will be deducted from the sum of your deposit.

3.3. Fees and charges may apply to customer deposits and withdrawals, which can be found on the Market. You are responsible for your own bank charges that you may incur due to depositing funds with us.

3.4. POSITIVE GAMING B.V. is not a financial institution and uses a third party electronic payment processors to process credit and debit card deposits; they are not processed directly by us. If you deposit funds by either a credit card or a debit card, your Account will only be credited if we receive an approval and authorisation code from the payment issuing institution. If your card issuer gives no such authorisation, your Account will not be credited with those funds.

3.5. You agree to fully pay any and all payments and charges due to us or to payment providers in connection with your use of the Service. Refund policy is at p.7. You acknowledge and agree that your player account is not a bank account and is therefore not guaranteed, insured or otherwise protected by any deposit or banking insurance system or by any other similar insurance system of any other jurisdiction, including but not limited to your local jurisdiction. Furthermore, the player account does not bear interest on any of the funds held in it.

3.6. Funds originating from criminal and/or illegal and/or unauthorized activities must not be deposited with us. All funds that is being covered by this paragraph will be locked and all actions with using of these funds will be annulated.

3.7. Internet Gambling may be illegal in the jurisdiction in which you are located; if so, you are not authorized to use your payment card to deposit on this site. It is your responsibility to know the laws concerning online gambling in your country of domicile.

4. Withdrawal of Funds

4.1. You may withdraw any unutilized and cleared funds held in your Account by submitting a withdrawal request using the Market after rolling over (betting) 60% of the deposited funds. The minimum withdrawal amount per transaction is 150 coins and may vary depending on selected payment system. The maximum withdrawal amount is depending on selected payment system but count of the withdrawals is not limited. Therefore Administration is obligated to apply individual limits

4.2. Fees may be charged during withdrawal of funds. Amount of fee is set according to selected withdrawal method and is being shown at the Market page

4.3. Some of the withdrawal methods may require deposit of funds using same credentials before submitting a withdrawal.

4.5. In the presence of suspicion in money laundering, carding or hacking we reserve the right to request photo ID, address confirmation or perform additional verification procedures (request your selfie, arrange a verification call etc.) at any time according to p.6 of the Agreement

5. Payment Transactions and Processors

5.1. You are fully responsible for paying all moneys owed to us. You must make all payments to us in good faith and not attempt to reverse a payment made or take any action which will cause such payment to be reversed by a third party in order to avoid a liability legitimately incurred. You will reimburse us for any charge-backs, denial or reversal of payment you make and any loss suffered by us as a consequence thereof.

5.2. We reserve the right to use third party electronic payment processors and or merchant banks to process payments made by you and you agree to be bound by their terms and conditions providing they are made aware to you and those terms do not conflict with these Terms.

5.3. All transactions made on our site might be checked to prevent money laundering or terrorism financing activity. Suspicious transactions will be reported to the relevant authority.

In the event that the User does not agree with the terms of this agreement or the web site provides services contrary to the law of the country of which he is a citizen, he undertakes to immediately cease using the website.

From the moment of registration on the web site the User confirms his agreement with the terms of the User Agreement, as well as with the Web-site's privacy policy.

6. AML/KYC Policy

"Know Your Customer" and money laundering policy (hereafter the AML/KYC policy) is intended to prevent possible risks of the Website becoming implicated in any type of illegal activity.

International regulations require the Website to implement effective internal procedures and mechanisms to prevent money laundering, financing terrorism, trafficking narcotics or people, distributing weapons, corruption and bribery or the participation of the User in any other suspicious activity.

The procedure for identity confirmation demands that the User provide the Website with reliable documentation or information (ID card, driver license, passport, bank correspondence or service bill). Requested documents must be sent by User during 3 days since request made if no third-party services are involved (e.g. Bank, payment system). For the purposes of the AML/KYC policy, the Website has the right to gather and process the User's personal information.

The Administration has the right to check the identity of the User on an ongoing basis, particularly in cases in which the User's personal information changes or suspicious actions are performed. In addition, the Administration has the right to request updated documents from the User regardless of the fact that the User has confirmed he's identity in the past.

The User's personal information will be collected, stored and protected in accordance with the Privacy Policy. After the User's identity is confirmed, the Service has the right to absolve itself of potential judicial responsibility in situations when the Site is used to perform illegal activity.

7. Refund/Cancellation Policy

If you used funds/part of funds from your Account all your payments are made through the payment service provider and there is no statutory right of revocation of the purchased goods and/or services or other facilities. Refund is possible in case when no goods/services were purchased and all deposited funds available on the Account. In other cases refund possibillity is at discretion of the Administration or payment systems/agents. In case of refund/Cancellation all coins available at the Account of the User will be adjusted.

You acknowledge and agree that Your User's Account is not a bank account and is therefore not insured, guaranteed, sponsored or otherwise protected by any banking or other system insurance. Additionally, any funds deposited in Your Account will not earn any interest and can be lost.

8. SELF-EXCLUDE / Responsible Gaming

Please remember that betting is purely for entertainment and pleasure and you should stop as soon as it stops being fun. Absolutely do not bet anything you can’t afford to lose. If you feel that you may have lost control of your gambling just send a message to our Support that you wish to SELF-EXCLUDE and this request will take effect within 24 hours from the moment of its receipt. In this case your account will be disabled until your further notice, and you wont be able to login to it.
For more information on problem gaming and for online help for problem gamblers, please, check the following links:

9. Errors

9.1. In the event of an error or malfunction of our system or processes, all bets are rendered void. You are under an obligation to inform us immediately as soon as you become aware of any error with the Service. In the event of communication or system errors or bugs or viruses occurring in connection with the Service and/or payments made to you as a result of a defect or error in the Service, we will not be liable to you or to any third party for any direct or indirect costs, expenses, losses or claims arising or resulting from such errors, and we reserve the right to void all games/bets in question and take any other action to correct such errors.

9.2. In case of Errors Administration have the right to adjust your Account to rectify any errors/mistake caused by hardware malfunction/hacking/third-party actions not agreed with employees of the Site.

10. Intellectual Property

10.1. Any unauthorised use of our name and logo may result in legal action being taken against you.

10.2. As between us and you, we are the sole owners of the rights in and to the Service, our technology, software and business systems (the "Systems") as well as our odds. you must not use your personal profile for your own commercial gain.

10.3. You may not use our URL, trademarks, trade names and/or trade dress, logos and/or our odds in connection with any product or service that is not ours, that in any manner is likely to cause confusion among Customers or in the public or that in any manner disparages us.

10.4. You agree not to use any automatic or manual device to monitor or copy web pages or content within the Service. Any unauthorized use or reproduction may result in legal action being taken against you.