Important update! (Spoiler: no, you are not scammed)

26.04.2018 16:58 138458
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Hello dear users of
Many users were very surprised today because of change of balance amount in currency (show next to coins balance).

Let us explain what happened.
Actually if you had some coins on your balance before this update - you are lucky man, because $1 in skins = $0.60-$0.67 in real money (you can check it at any third-party skins marketplace or ask any expirienced user).
But we exchanged yours skins into money with 95-99% exchange-rate. Skins prices were changed as well.
So you ve just received free skins for ~30% of your balance.

Before update: You deposit $1 skin for 56 coins and this item will be on Market with 56 coins price. 1$ money for 93 coins. Balance in skins.

Now: Both market and deposit items for 0.65% of Steam price. Money 1:1. Balance in $.

Very soon everyone will be able to withdraw coins not only in skins but using many different ways. Team

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